Devon AdVan questions? Many of your questions will be answered here. If you cannot find the answer to your question give us a call or email and we will try to help.

What happens to the banners after the campaign has finished and can I have them?

We can store your banners for you for up to a year, or you can pick them up and use them anywhere you wish.

Can I book a specific week for my campaign?

Yes, time periods can be booked, but are subject to availability.

What is the minimum amount of days I can book an AdVan for?

You can book an AdVan for a minimum of a day if you wish – but we would point out that this would not be particularly cost effective!

Can I just have the rear panel of the AdVan?

The rear panel of the AdVan is only available as an option when both sides are purchased.

Can I specify a route for the AdVan?

Yes, at the production stage we will ask if you have a preferred route.

Can I park the AdVan on my property and use it as a static billboard?

Yes, subject to a site inspection by us, our driver must be with the AdVan at all times and it must return to us nightly.

Do you only work in the Exmouth area?

We are based in Exmouth but Devon AdVans are available for your campaign not only in Devon but in the South West or Nationwide. Contact us for your requirements.

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