Devon AdVans – born out of necessity!

During 2014 I researched the possibility of using extremely effective and proven AdVan advertising for a number of my Devon based businesses. The cost quoted, via non West Country based AdVan companies, were typically in excess of £400 per day, excluding the cost of prints! Thinking this was a little on the expensive side, I decided to purchase my very own – thus creating a new and exciting company Devon AdVans.

As we are Devon based we do not have the high running costs of other AdVan companies’ i.e. excessive mileage to get to the campaign sites, overnight driver accommodation, excessive man hours and vehicle parking cost etc. and are in a prime position to cover the West Country.

This eye-catching mobile advertising media reaches your target audience where traditional advertising is non-existent. That can be, for example, at a specific location, parents on the school run, sports fans attending an event or shoppers at a supermarket. Research has shown that a mobile billboard is at least twice as likely to be remembered, than a static billboard.

A few AdVan facts:

  • Large 6 x 3 metre side panels and a 1.2 x 3metre rear panel make your Advertisements ‘Unmissable’ and easily snapped by cameras, smart-phones & tablets!
  • Devon AdVans are the affordable large format promotional solution – giving you ‘direct to the public’ advertising, with impact!
  • The New ‘quick-change skin’ system allows you to store and re-use your Advertising Banners for a later campaign or indeed use them elsewhere!
  • Routes arranged with you so your product, service or event hits the correct target audience ensuring maximum coverage.
  • Devon AdVans are tracked via satellite – providing accountability for your campaign.
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